Obamacare and the uninsured

‘Because advocates think health coverage is something that everyone should have, one of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act was to expand coverage to the uninsured.

Their thinking was that some of the uninsured could not afford health coverage because their incomes were not sufficient, while others could not afford coverage because of health concerns that made medical underwriting costly.

What difference did it make? Obamacare made them worse. A few weeks ago, I wrote how under Obamacare people with health coverage can rack up huge medical bills despite having insurance.

Basically, Obamacare destroyed their insurance — at least the kind of coverage they once had.

The only coverage many people can now afford are plans with excessively high premiums in return for excessively high deductibles — leaving few funds left over to pay for medical bills out of pocket or fund a health savings account.’


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